Sample Trip Schedule


The following is a sample schedule for a YES service-learning weekend.  The group will be oriented thoroughly on how to approach the people serve and how to best meet their needs.  Serving and loving children, working poor, seniors and the homeless community are often elements of our trip, along with becoming acquainted with how to make consistent commitments to the poor of our communities. The group will also be presented with many opportunities to gain a new perspective on the city and its people.

FRIDAY- 2 possible examples


1pm- Meet and Register- Lunch is served

2pm- 4pm- Orientation

4:30pm- Prayer & Head out for Dinner w/ the Homeless

7pm- Debrief

8pm- Prayer Tour

10pm- Debrief and Prayers


5pm -Meet and Register- Dinner is served

6pm - Orientation

8pm- Prayer Tour

10:00pm – Debrief and Prayers




8am- Prayers and Breakfast

9am-12pm- Ministry

12pm- 1:30- Lunch w/ the Homeless

1:30- 2pm- Debrief

2pm- 3:30- Ministry

4pm- Return to Housing- Prepare for Vespers

5pm- Vespers

6pm- Out to Dinner

8pm- City Outing!

10pm- Debrief and Prayers at Hostel



10am- Liturgy

11:30- Lunch

12:30- Debrief

2pm- Pick up

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